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October 15, 2012
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You screamed and chucked a pillow at your roommate Lovino. He was sleeping while snoring and sprawled out on the bed. You and him had planned to go to the circus today, and you had an hour before you had to be there. You woke up late, and Lovino certainly wasn't gonna get up in time. So you were forced to yell and throw pillows at him until he awoke.

Groaning and grunting,he eventually woke up after hitting him with a feather pillow a few times. Feathers were everywhere in his room. You knew he would be ticked at that,but you couldn't feel guilty cause HE was the one who was supposed to set the alarm clock for today.

"Why are you waking me up so early?" He grunted. Early? It was noon!..But you should know that even 4:00 pm was early to be awoken from a slumber if your a Vargas.

"Uh, did you forget already? Were going to the circus today!..Get up and get dressed, we have to leave in an hour!" And with that,you skipped off downstairs. Too bad for Lovino. You had made breakfast in high hopes that he would be up in time to eat it,but he wasn't. So you just ate alone this morning.

Since you already ate,and you were already dressed and ready to go to the circus,all you could do was sit and wait for him to get up and get around. You looked around the room,hoping to see something.Anything new. But like always,there was nothing. Nothing new..You had lived here in this small 3 roomed apartment with Lovino for almost 9 years now. You really wanted to move,but at the same time,this place felt like home to you. So roomy, and cozy. The walls were painted in a nice, welcoming orangy-yellow (Not that Lovino liked that color,but since you didn't own the place and neither did he,you weren't allowed to paint it), the sun always shown bright through the neatly tiled windows in the mornings, every square inch of house was neat and clean (with the exception on Lovinos room,of course) ...It was simply a perfect place for two.

Nonetheless, you wished for  something new. Something exciting to happen....

But it-

..Your thoughts were interrupted by the grouchy Italian man stomping into the room. He didn't look to peppy about going to the circus. He'd rather stay in bed all day,but he knew you wouldn't allow him too after all you went through to get the money to even go to this circus. Inwardly he was grateful. Outwardly, he was..well...being a pain in spains ass. He NEVER showed gratitude. He never showed excitement or happiness. But somehow... Even though you were the COMPLETE opposite from him, you liked him. Alot.

"So, are we going or not...?" He looked at you with a frowny, grumbling,pissed off face like he always does. You looked at him and sighed heavily,getting sick of his constantly pouty attitude.

"Could you at least TRY to act excited and TRY to have fun..?Please...?" You asked him with a pleading look on his face.

Sighing,he agreed to TRY. Not that he would succeed but.. You were happy he was at least willing to attempt it for you. He put on his best awkward, fake happy smile, and you giggled.. This was gonna be a long,yet interesting trip to the circus.

~*Le time skip of epical epicness ;D*~

As soon as you got to the circus,the first thing that caught your eye was the giant elephants roaming around in an enclosed area near the entrance. The first thing that popped into your head was riding one. Yes.You were going to ride an elephant.And you would make Lovino ride it with you..

"Come on Lovi~! I know the first thing we're gonna do!" Smirking a bit and laughing evily to yourself just thinking about it, you grabbed his hand,making him blush. Although he didn't make you let go of his hand. You both ran into the circus, and you walked up to the elephants area. A large sign read- 'ELEPHANT RIDES- $7.00, $5.00 FOR CHILDREN 12 AND YOUNGER'. You read the sign, and right next to it was another one. Reading, 'MUST BE WITH A PARENT OR GUARDIAN/SUPERVISOR IF UNDER 18'..

You were turning 18 next month..Which meant technically,you weren't old enough to ride alone. And Lovino was 22. He HAD to ride this elephant with you!

Looks like Lovino had read the sign that said you had to be 18 to ride alone, because he already started walking away.

"Well, looks like youre too young to ride it anyway. Lets just go-" Grunting as you pulled on his tie, he turned to you.

"Y' could...ride it with me....." You looked at him with the most irresistible puppy dog face ever. Most of the time,that didn't work with a person like Lovino Vargas. But apparently you had tugged on his heart strings,because with a sigh,he pulled out his wallet and got just enough money out for you and him to ride.

You both walked up to the man running this station. there was a long long latter near one of the elephants. It was the only way to get up there. You both climbed up the latter,one after another,lifting one leg over the elephant and sitting on it as if it were a horse.

The man explained the simple way to get the elephant walking. It started walking at a slow pace. You giggled and held onto Lovinos waist so you wouldn't fall down. He blushed, and chuckled very lightly. You could tell he was smiling on the inside.

"I-I guess this isn't so bad.." He grumbled quietly. But that was before what was about to happen. The elephant must have been tired from giving rides previously,so it went over to a bucket of water for a drink. Little did you know, that the elephant wasn't thirsty. Cause as soon as it sucked that water up in its trunk, it sprayed it at Lovino.

You couldn't help but burst out in a hysterical laugh. He totally deserved that!! It was so funny,and adorable to see his face light up red in anger and embarrassment.

"S-stupid elephant!!!" He grumbled. Stepping back onto the latter and off of the elephant. You followed him back down to the ground. He was really mad,but when he saw how happy and giggly you were,he couldn't say anything. The only thing he could do,was give a very light,soft and loving smile. Followed by a nice loving and WET hug.

"ewwww!!! L-Lovino!!!!" You tried pushing him away. Then he started to laugh. Soon you were both laughing hysterically at eachother.

It certainly was a fun day. And you were pretty sure you'd never forget it...

As for Lovi....he'd never get dry!
This is a request from :iconpastachan415:

It was really fun to write, and I hope you like it!~ :D
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nightfury431 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
'Grunting as you pulled on his tie'
lol Norway and Denmark XD
karks1992 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012
aww this is very sweet and absolutely hilarious job well done :D
vocaloid223 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012
Thank you!!!! :D
karks1992 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012
You're welcome:D
samikira Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist
omg i :iconrotflplz: when lovi got sprayed by the elephant
:iconewwwwwplz: elephant wet lovi hug
vocaloid223 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012
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MurderScreamer Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Professional General Artist
XD as soon as the elephant went to the water...all hell broke loose
vocaloid223 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012
Yup. XD
MurderScreamer Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Professional General Artist
And that was the day elephants went excinct....
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