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October 1, 2012
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You walked into the giant gymnasium, grumbling to yourself. You HATED p.e You had asthma so that made things worse. You looked around and saw everyone doing the warm up laps that you did everyday in p.e. You started running laps like you were supposed to, but then you ran and passed by the gym teacher. But not the normal gym teacher, this guy was. Really hot. ^ ^" You couldn't help but start walking instead of running, just staring at him... He wasn't fat, but you could tell he was an american man who spent his time at mcdonalds. You giggled and watch him check his clipboard to make sure everyone was present.

As soon as you slowly regained your ability to run instead of stalk the substitute, you realized everyone was done with their laps. You lost track of how many you had done since you were drooling over him... You overheard your peers and figured out his name was Mr. Jones. No sign of his first name, but it was a start.

Mr. Jones cleared his throat and started to speak to everyone. But to you, it seemed like he was talking and looking right at you. Which made you feel so great.

"Ahem... Alright dudes!! My name is Mr. Jones, or you may call me, 'the hero':D"

Yep. He was american. You could tell by the accent. But god was he adorable.... And he called himself the hero! How cute!!! You were totally gonna call him that now!!!

You were lost in your thoughts until he said 'today we will be doing pull ups on the bar'...You SUCKED at the bar. Sometimes you hardly even got 2 pull ups!! It was always embarrassing, but since you've had the same p.e teacher for 2 years you got used to it. But this time it was a sub, and a hot one at that... This was gonna really blow chunks. You knew you were totally gonna humiliate yourself, and you'd NEVER have a chance with him....Also-..

Your name was called. Damn time goes by fast when your thinking about sexy men!!..You sighed heavily and looked up.

"Uh...(first name and last name)....? Is she here today?"..You gulped when everyone pointed to you.

"Ah! There you are dude! You ready? Do you think you can do like,12 pull ups?!" He grinned and looked down at you.

"U-um...I-I can try...."You smile nervously and stand up, making your way over to the bar with him walking beside you with his clipboard. He nodded reassuringly.

"Just do your best bro, and ill give you credit. Kay?"

You nodded and stood up tall and gripped the bar tight, feeling your palms get sweaty and feeling nauseous. You were gonna screw up...

Surprisingly, you did better than usual. You did 6 pull ups. He grinned and chuckled.

"Great job dude!".. He wrote down your score then moved on to the next person.

I tought to myself.....:'*Blush* G-god shes cute.... Shes..REALLY cute..... *sigh* This is soooo totally messed up!!! Im a teacher and I have a crush on my student!!! Pull it together bro, whats wrong with you, you pedo?!'

~*Le time skip to after p.e, and back to your POV*~
You were pretty satisfied with how today went. You had a hot gym teacher and you didnt humiliate yourself in front of him!

You reached for your bag. Perfect timing too. Just as you reached for your bag, Mr. Jones reached for his too. Your hands touched, instantly sending red flames up in your cheeks. On his too!!


I blush. Thinking: 'Fuckfuckfuckfuckkkkkk.. TT^TT..Her hand...Is touching...M-mine..... O////O Stay calm bro....Youre a teacher, dont let her know your onto her...'

~*Lalalala BACK TO YOUR POV or whatever XD*~
You slowly grabbed your bag, and smiled sheepishly at him.

"U-um. So...Mr. Jones, are you subbing tomorrow too?"

He quickly pulled himself together. and nodded.

"Totally! You guys are awesome!" He grinned, and you giggled. With that, he blushed more.

"Okay!! W-well...Goodbye Mr. Jones!!" You waved and quickly ran out of the gym, him grinning stupidly.

He was madly in love.....With his student....?!
Hey guys!
This is based on me and my friends rp XD
For some reason I pictured America as a gym teacher ._.
Thus, the rp, then this!
Do you want me to make another part?? I think I will!
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"Im a teacher and I have a crush on my student!!! Pull it together bro, whats wrong with you, you pedo?!"
I cracked up at the Pedo line XD
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